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Income Tax Services

In our tax preparation services, we cater to individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships, and nonprofits, with a particular emphasis on aiding lower to middle-class Americans. Our goal is to provide specialized support that goes beyond compliance, offering tailored assistance for clients to navigate tax responsibilities with clarity and confidence.

Grant Writing

We specialize in thorough application evaluations, offering high-quality consultation to enhance applicants’ understanding. Our expertise extends to crafting clear Request for Proposal documents and concise proposals. We implement focused grant searches based on subjects and serve as impartial grant reviewers for both individuals and nonprofit organizations, contributing to the comprehensive assessment of applications.

IRS Audit Representation

In the sphere of IRS audit representation, we excel in guiding clients through tax audits. Our services include comprehensive representation, ensuring compliance, and advocating for our clients’ interests. Through meticulous document review and strategic communication with tax authorities, we aim to alleviate the burden on individuals and businesses facing IRS scrutiny, facilitating a resolution that aligns with their financial well-being.

Offer in Compromise

In our capacity, we facilitate Offer in Compromise services, assisting individuals in negotiating settlements with tax authorities to resolve outstanding tax liabilities. This involves carefully evaluating financial situations, preparing comprehensive proposals, and advocating on behalf of our clients to reach mutually acceptable agreements. Through this service, we aim to provide viable solutions for individuals facing tax challenges, helping them achieve a fair resolution and alleviate financial burdens

ITIN Filling

We facilitate ITIN filing, streamlining the process for individuals to obtain their Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. Through this service, we assist in ensuring accurate tax identification, contributing to the efficient functioning of tax-related processes and compliance.

Payroll & Bookkeeping

We handle payroll and bookkeeping services. This involves efficiently managing payroll processes, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees. Additionally, we meticulously maintain financial records through comprehensive bookkeeping, contributing to organized and transparent financial management for businesses. Through these services, we support companies in navigating financial complexities and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

501(c)(3) Fillings

We handle 501(c)(3) filings, assisting organizations in obtaining nonprofit status. This service involves navigating the complex process of submitting the necessary documentation to the Internal Revenue Service, ensuring compliance with regulations. By facilitating these filings, we contribute to the establishment of nonprofit entities and their ability to serve the community.


In our notarial role, we administer oaths, take acknowledgments, execute jurats, and certify copies. Administering oaths ensures the truthfulness of statements, taking acknowledgments affirms voluntary signatures, executing jurats involves attesting to signer awareness, and certifying copies verifies their authenticity. These tasks collectively contribute to maintaining legal order and safeguarding the public interest.

Electronic Filling

In our notarial capacity, we facilitate electronic filing, streamlining the submission of documents in the digital realm. This service ensures efficiency and accuracy in document processing, contributing to the modernization of administrative procedures.

Business StartUp

In facilitating business start-ups, we guide entrepreneurs through key processes. We assist in entity formation, offering expertise in choosing the right legal structure. Additionally, we aid in obtaining necessary licenses and permits, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Our support extends to drafting essential documents such as partnership agreements or articles of incorporation. By providing comprehensive assistance in business start-ups, we empower entrepreneurs to establish a solid foundation for their ventures.

About Dr. Charles Usigbe

"Have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart." - Dr. Charles Usigbe

Dr. Charles Usigbe, a driven and innovative accountant certified as an Acceptance Agent for the IRS, is also the President of Omo Usigbe Tax Services Inc. With over 25 years of experience, he has successfully operated his professional tax business in Las Vegas, NV, assisting over 550 business owners in developing and incorporating their personal businesses. As a professional income tax preparer and accountant, Dr. Usigbe specializes in serving individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships, and nonprofit organizations, providing a range of services such as IRS Audit Representation, Payroll, Bookkeeping, IRS Offer in Compromise, 501(c)(3) Filings, ITIN Filing, and Notary services. Additionally, he is a professional grant writer for non-profit organizations. Dr. Usigbe, an author of three books on business strategies, believes in the importance of efficiency, honesty, and friendliness in business. He emphasizes the need for passion and dedication to sustain success, stating that “to be successful, you must have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

Dr. Usigbe’s success story is rooted in his ability to navigate social and professional complexities, embracing challenges to move forward towards his goals. With over 30 years as a professional accountant, he is passionate about providing financial education, particularly in lower socioeconomic communities. Inspired early in his career by the wide scope of opportunities in auditing, financial/tax, and management accounting, Dr. Usigbe has made a measurable impact through his commitment to helping people and providing the best accounting practices. He views accounting as a field that continually spreads out, gaining momentum at a constant level of mental stimuli. Dr. Usigbe’s dedication to continued professional development, learning innovative facets of accounting principles, and networking with industry leaders underscores his commitment to excellence in his field.

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